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Completely Secure, Reliable and Affordable Online Microsoft Services

Microsoft cloud-based service is a very robust and powerful cloud computation service developed by Microsoft. In today's world, owning and managing hardware and software technology is a very cumbersome process. Thus with the advent of cloud computing services, which we at SIDMEC Technologies PVT LTD provide, you can easily manage your business using our range of online Microsoft services.

If you opt for our online Microsoft services, we provide you with data storage and management facilities through the secured Microsoft owned and managed data centers. Using the Microsoft services, you can have complete ease of doing business as it supports a variety of coding and programming languages, frameworks, software-both Microsoft owned, and the third party owned software as well.

Using Microsoft products, you have the choice of opting from three options- Software as a online Microsoft Services, Platform as a Service, and Infrasture as a Service. It gives you robustness of choice and lets you decide upon the right mix for your business and the best fit as per your budget. This range of cloud-based services allows companies to demand what they need to avoid any extra wastage of funds.

Services We Offer?

Basic Computer Services: Virtual machines- both Windows and Linux operating system based are available in the Microsoft product mix for you to choose from. We at SIDMEC Technologies PVT LTD then would help you through using any one of the environments to help you develop your business.

Website Hosting Services: Microsoft provides a variety of web hosting facilities and allows developers to use ASP.NET, Python, JavaScript, PHP, and the like to build and host websites, a critical part of any business in today's world. Using our expertise at SIDMEC Technologies PVT LTD, we would then help you develop the website of your business as per your guidelines and help you reach millions of the world over.

App Services: Microsoft's efficient App development environment combined with our App development expertise at SIDMEC Technologies PVT LTD. They can help you to develop a mobile-based application straightforward to help you reach out to a large number of mobile phone users around the world.

Storage Services: Using the large, secure and robust Microsoft data centres, we at SIDMEC Technologies PVT LTD can help you with all your data storage needs over the cloud. Our experts at SIDMEC Technologies PVT LTD can help you to store your data in both a structured and unstructured manner as per your choice.

Data Management Services: Using our expertise at SIDMEC Technologies PVT LTD, you can trust us with all your data management services. We have experts in relational database management and SQL-based services at SIDMEC Technologies PVT LTD. It would allow you to solve your data management needs for your business.

Thus, if you are interested in any of the above Microsoft-based services from us, we are always ready to help you out. We at SIDMEC Technologies PVT LTD would put forth the best of our expertise to help meet your requirements and help you do well in your business.

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