Restaurant Management Services

Restaurant Management Services

We give restaurant management solutions to our customers, and we are one of the best in this category in the market. We have built the software as per the advanced requirement of almost every restaurant out there. The software is quite robust, and we have added all the necessary features to it to use it easily.
Track of sales

We have included tracking all the sales and the taxes paid by the customers in the restaurant management services system. The operator can add all the sales details as well as the taxation system of the restaurant. We offer restaurant management services to our clients and we are also provide restaurant management solutions services.

Menu Setup

We have provided an advanced menu set up which is quite simple as the interface and anyone can operate it. It will help the restaurants to track the food items they are providing at a particular time

Order Management

Sometimes it is very tough to manage orders from the customers and that is why we have made a user-friendly order management system for the restaurants by which they can track all the orders by their customers efficiently.

Credit Card Processing

Using credit cards is increasing right now and that is why we have added the feature of credit card processing integration system in the restaurant management services software. So they will be able to process the credit cards given by the customers.

Gift Card Management

Sometimes gift cards and loyalty cards are given to the customers who have a good reputation for the restaurant. Through this software, they will be able to manage the gift cards issued for each of the customers in some particular time.

Inventory Management

We have built up efficient Inventory Management where the restaurants can keep track of all the inventory products which should be there to replenish the need whenever needed.

Customer Data

In our restaurant management system, you can keep track of customer data for safety reasons. The restaurant just has to put the demographic data of the customers and it will be saved in the server forever.

Reward Management

The reward management system is included in this software so that the rivers for particular locations can be managed for customers as well as employees. This reward management system will help the restaurants to keep a proper track of loyal customers as well as star employees to give them some rewards for their work.

Employee Management

We have made the system and employee-friendly e server where all the details about the employees will be kept. These details will be e used in the performance analysis and appraisals for them.

Technical Support

In this restaurant Management Solutions, we have built an awesome technical support system where all the customers will get their queries answered very quickly and efficiently. It will help the restaurants to cope up with the need of the customers and also to analyze what they want from them.

So these were the features we put in the restaurant management system made by us so that all the restaurants who will avail our services will have a full proof system for them.

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